Pennsylvania Woman Received Chick-Fil-A Sandwich with Dead Mouse in Bun

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania woman bit into her lunch and got a whole lot more meat than she paid for: a dead mouse was baked into the bun of her sandwich. Back in November, when a coworker said they were hitting the Chick-Fil-A drive-thru in Langhorne, Ellen Manfalouti was excited to place a lunchtime order. When she got her chicken sandwich, she settled into the conference room to have lunch. And ended up biting into a mouse baked in the bun.

"I felt something on the bottom of the bun," she said in an interview with  She assumed they just burned the bun really badly when it was toasted. Upon further examination, the group realized it was a rodent.


"I could see the whiskers and the tail."  Manfalouti hired a lawyer who had the bun analyzed. It was confirmed to be a dead  rat or mouse and was, in fact, baked into the bottom of the bun.

Manfalouti says the incident has left her with some serious psychological issues and she's suing the franchise owner Dave Heffernan for over $50,000. While the franchise explained that they source buns from an outside vendor, they haven't been clear on where exactly the buns come from and if the rat/mouse was already in the bun upon bread delivery or if the infestation occurred at the Langhorne location.

Manfalouti immediately sought out medical attention and has been suffering from nausea and anxiety ever since. "I had anxiety and nightmares. I still do."

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