Dead Bat Found in Packaged Salad at Florida Walmart

A dead bat was recently found inside a Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Box pre-packaged salad sold from a Florida Walmart. Fresh Express has issued an immediate recall of a limited number of cases, per ABC 7, though the company stands by the fact that the salads were mainly sold in Southern states, meaning a nationwide recall is considered unnecessary.

The regional recall also follows an investigation by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has gone on to warn Americans nationwide to avoid such packaged salads, according to the Guardian. Of the two people who discovered the dead bat in the package, both had eaten some of the Spring Mix salad together. They immediately alerted authorities where the bat was then sent to check for rabies in a CDC lab.


Each were tested, and while their results were negative because transmission of rabies between a dead, infected animal and a human is uncommon, per the CDC's statement on the matter, the proper precautions were taken. Both humans are being treated for rabies out of precaution.

If you've recently purchased the Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix 5 Oz. package, this is the information to look for to see if it is under the recall.

Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix

  • 5-ounce clear packaged container
  • Best-used date of April 14
  • Production code: G089B19

Fresh Express spoke to the recall in statement, confirming it "takes matters of food safety very seriously and rigorously complies with all food safety regulation."

Check your refrigerators and share with your friends! If you have the contaminated salad, a full refund is available by calling the Fresh Express Consumer Response Center at (800) 242-5472.

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