Dark Sparkling Wine Hits Shelves

Sparkling wine is having a fresh, bubbly resurgence. You can find a pink one, yellow one and even blue. Now it's time to go dark... a deviously dark  sparkling wine has hit the shelves. Technically, this sparkling wine is red. Blood red. Quite the change for a type of wine that is usually light and sparkly. Created by the Riboli Family of San Antonio Winery, known for producing America's #1 imported Italian wine, Stella Rosa, Black Lux is different.

Made from grapes from a vineyard in Piedmont, Italy, the wine's minimal contact with these darker grapes gives the wine its unusual, yet astounding darker color.

Stella Rosa Black Lux, part of the Imperiale sparkling collection, is an extension of the popular Stella Rosa Black which is a top 100 wine in the United States, and the #12 selling wine among all red blends. The wine features the same luscious flavors found in Stella Rosa Black: blueberry, raspberry and blueberry, enveloped in dark natural red grapes.

Steve Riboli, the third generation Vice President of Riboli Family Wines:

"We are very excited to present this outstanding new wine to our loyal customers, as well as invite others to try it for the first time. Summer and the upcoming holiday season calls for chilled, sparkling wines, and we're proud to release Black Lux just in time for the festivities."

Wondering what black wine pairs with? According to the winemakers, the bright zing of the wine's natural acidity compliments a refreshing grilled salmon and berry salad while dark berry flavors enhance the sweet flavors in a decadent dessert like a fresh berry cobbler.

It's also the perfect appetizer sipper to serve with soft cheeses like mozzarella and brie. Those milky cheeses contain the perfect amount of fat to pair with the wine's natural acidity.

Black Lux is available online and in stores now.

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