Danny DeVito Eating a Hard Boiled Egg is Everything You Need in Life

Who doesn't love Danny DeVito? From One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, DeVito has been a household favorite for decades. With a filmography to boot, he's got a few acting tricks up his sleeve when it comes to delivering lines. Revealing the method behind the madness, The New York Times got the inside scoop on DeVito's Broadway role in a scene from Arthur Miller's The Price.

Acting on Broadway is a whole other beast. In a live performance, there's no second take. So when you have to swallow a dry, messy egg in front of a live audience, tricks of the trade can go a long way. Getting tips straight from the master himself, DeVito demonstrates how to eat a hard-boiled egg while saying his lines - without choking.

Comedically cracking the egg with a cane, DeVito manages to use a strategic thumb movement to peel off the shell, then down goes the egg. The technique for not choking? Eat with your mouth open and munch on the egg like the cookie monster.

The pure logistics behind this specific approach is genus. Although eating a dry hard-boiled egg every night probably gets old, not mention ruins your taste for eggs, nobody does it quite like DeVito.

Word to the wise, a little salt may help choke down a dry egg.

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