Are Cupcake Tiers the New Wedding Cake?

The cupcake craze has taken us to a lot of places and from cupcake trailers to Cupcake ATMs, we've seen it all. Well until we started seeing tiers of cupcakes at weddings. You've probably either been to a wedding where this fine display of baking craftsmanship was utilized or you've seen it through Pinterest.

Regardless of where you first encountered this intriguing change in the wedding scene, it begs the question: are cupcake tiers taking over the cake game of weddings? If you're in the midst of a wedding planning storm, here is a fresh take on the battle of the cakes.

Cost Efficiency

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One primary difference between a traditional tiered cake and tiered cupcakes is price. This all depends on the style and complexity of your desired cake, as a slice can range anywhere from $1.50-$12 per, according to The Knot. Cupcakes generally tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum, topping off at around $3 per cupcake. If you're looking for simplicity in a non-traditional way that doesn't break the bank,  cupcake tiers may be the way to go.

Flavor Diversification

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You can have two different tiered cakes with multiple flavored tiers on each, but that would be complicated and pricey. It's hard to please everyone who will be in attendance flavor-wise, but cupcake tiers are making room accommodating your guests various tastes.

Instead of stressing over white or chocolate, buttercream or fondant, you could be picking out four different flavors for your guests to enjoy. Obviously your tastebuds come first, so don't forget what flavor you want, and order a few extra of those -- thank us later.


In terms of display, traditional tiered cakes don't offer much flexibility. You either have it as the center of attention at the reception, or . . . wherever it fits. As long as people can bask in it's glory, that's all that truly matters, right? Though it can be a great statement piece, there isn't much creativity in the display arrangement of a cake.

However, with cupcakes, you can make virtually and design or concept come to life. You have flexibility with design and display of each individual cupcake. If you want to tier them with a small cake on top, you can! This allows for this 'wow' moment as guests arrive and see your innovative display of cupcakery. Or you can set up a table that matches the theme of your reception in an innovative, yet beautiful display.

Are There Cons?

The choice comes down to what you ultimately want. If you like cupcakes, great! If you want a traditional tiered cake as a statement piece, that is perfectly fine, too. This is your day, and you shouldn't let a cake stand in your way.

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