Cupboard Catastrophe Awaits So Mom Takes to Internet for Help

Can you think outside of the box, or cupboard for that matter? Well, if you can, your help has been requested by this stay-at-home mom from Japan.

Following an earthquake in the Tottori Prefecture on the west coast of Japan on October 21, it is no surprise that many things shifted. As usual, when things shift, so too do your perceptions. Sometimes, it even turns out that you need to reassess your old way of doing things, which, in the case of this Japanese household, apparently includes how you stack your dishes.


In order to reevaluate her cupboard-stacking approach, however, this mom needed to first open her cupboard without causing any collateral damage. Stumped as to how she could successfully save her plates, she took to the interweb posting a photo with the caption, "A cupboard that can never be opened."

Naturally, good-souled internet frequenters took the word "never" as a challenge and have been posting solutions as to how to successfully open the impossible to open cupboard. Approximately 16,000 reactions and 831 comments to be exact. Some of them were actually incredible helpful like these:

Well, if this ever happens to you, now you know what to do, or who to turn to.

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