The Cup Noodles Candle Takes Ramen Obsessions to a New Level

If we aren't guilty of it ourselves, we definitely know someone who is obsessed with instant noodles, specifically those Cup Noodles with their flavors like Chicken and Shrimp. In this case, I am the guilty gal who will slurp a bowl of Ramen at any given chance, even if it comes from a styrofoam cup.

That is why when I saw this Kameyama Cup Noodles candle, I just about died. The details of the shrimp and chives are so impressive, yet so unappetizing, I would have thought that this was a fresh cup of noodles ready to inhale.


For just $30.53, you can enjoy the fresh scent of sodium and cheap take-out all the time! Doesn't that sound tasty?

If this isn't for you, you better believe there is someone out there who will enjoy this quirky ramen candleIt also makes the perfect prank.

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