Crystal Pepsi Will Have One Last Summer Release

If you haven't already drunk yourself silly this summer on nostalgia -- and Zima -- you've got one more chance. Crystal Pepsi will return to store shelves in August on its Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour, and it's bringing a handful of the 1990s biggest artists along with it.

After a very brief run in stores in 1992, Crystal Pepsi disappeared, allegedly forever--its scarcity had single bottles selling online for as much as $8,000--until it returned last year, riding high on a wave of "remember when."

Well, before Crystal Pepsi goes away again for good, or at least until another generation decides it's cool again, you'll have one more chance to get your hands on it.

As Food and Wine reports, the clear, not-quite-cola cola will return for a few short weeks in August. As Vice President of Marketing for Pepsi Chad Stubbs in a statement,

"Crystal Pepsi has always been a fan favorite and fans continue to ask for it time after time. From the 90s through today Pepsi has been a brand very much connected to music and baseball. We're excited to see this special tour come to life and to celebrate Crystal Pepsi's last return."

It's here! ?

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It's not just Crystal Pepsi making a return, though. The Crystal Pepsi Throwback Tour is also featuring a series of three concerts by some of the '90s biggest acts.

Busta Rhymes will kick things off Aug. 1 at Billy's Sports Bar near Yankee Stadium, followed by Mark McGrath, of Sugar Ray fame, on Aug. 11 at Phoenix's Chase Field. Rounding things out, hip-hop girl group Salt-N-Pepa will close the series with an Aug. 14 performance at Marlins Park in Miami.

Tickets to the shows are free -- tune into iHeartRadio's local stations in Miami (WHYI, WMIA, WMIB), New York (WHTZ, WKTU, WWPR) and Phoenix (KESZ, KMXP, KYOT) --  to get your hands on some.

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