Creamed Possum is the Side Dish Missing From Your Family Dinner

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I t's almost Thanksgiving. You ask your aunt if there's anything you can do to help out in the kitchen. She says no. Then you ask your grandma if she needs an extra hand. She also says no. Lastly, you ask your mom if there's anything you can do to help out. She's stressing. Your mom decided to host a family dinner out of nowhere. She forgot to vacuum the guest room, so she's hyperventilating. What do you do? Offer to help out in the kitchen so she can vacuum. While your mom vacuums, take over in the kitchen and open up a can of creamed possum.

No, really! It's the freshest roadkill used in their cannery! No need to go hunting for some possum (or opossum) the night before family arrives. These critters are garnished in sweet potatoes and coon fat gravy. Oh, you never heard? This is an original Southern delight. If you haven't heard of it, you're obviously not from the United States deep south. Everyone's parents made creamed possum with taters during tough times.

Creamed Possum in Coon Fat Gravy Garnished with Sweet Potatoes

Creamed Possum in Coon Fat Gravy Garnished with Sweet Potatoes

Customer reviews are amazing. People are saying it tastes just like their aunt used to make! Okay, I'm kidding. You cannot eat this coon fat gravy garnished possum. Blue Pirate just happens to have a great gag gift that some Southerners might actually fall for. It's a real recipe, just watch the video!

The true contents consist of composted organic material. This is not edible at all! If you're the jokester of the family and are looking for new pranks, Amazon has you covered.

This funny gag gift can is in stock just in time for April Fools. It's also a perfect joke gift for a white elephant exchange once Christmas rolls around. I recommend pulling it out on Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. The opportunities are endless. Blue Pirate also has canned raccoon, armadillo, and skunk. Pass a can of creamed possum out to your favorite aunts and uncles at dinner, and get someone to record their reaction for an evergreen prank video.

This article was originally published on Oct 24, 2019.

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