This Craft Beer Name Generator is Hilariously Spot-On

Have you ever wanted to know what exactly your craft beer name would be? In all honesty, you've probably never thought about it. However, if you have, not only are you ridiculously into beer but now the time has come where you can know exactly what you should name your future brew.

Thanks to Mel Buttle, the Great Australian Bake-Off co-host, we can now all easily generate names for our newest bottles of hops and grain. All you need to do is admit your shortcomings.

That's right, a key component to this name game is the requirement that you honestly admit that there is a word in the English language that you aren't entirely familiar with, and then you must broadcast that fact far and wide.

What's the Magic Formula?

According to Buttle, the directions go something like this:

Simple as that. But the results are so wonderfully complex.

Results from the Peanut Gallery

Results start with predictable and range to nonsensical.

Mine was:

Obviously any and all of these suggestions should immediately be made into a beer.

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