Counting Calories? These Wine-Trax Measuring Glasses Will Help

I believe the world would be a better place if we could sip our wine without feeling guilty of the unknown calories being consumed. With the Wine-Trax Measuring Wine Glass, all is possible!

These fancy-in-purpose wine glasses are designed to help the consumer keep track by measurements of four, six, and eight ounces. This is perfect for anyone who is watching their calories or counting points on Weight Watchers!

Now the only thing to really worry about is all the cheese sitting on the cheese tray. Dairy is good for you, right?

wine glasses


When you shop these glasses, you get two in a box for just $19.90. Now you can drink with a friend all the while being responsible. Pinkies up, ladies.

No more will you have to oddly measure out your ounces in a pyrex measuring cup before pouring into your wine glass, and no longer will you have to just eyeball it yourself. These glasses will keep you on track no matter what.

They're not just for wine, either. Use these elegant glasses to portion out your favorite guilty pleasure, whether it's Coca-Cola or milk for a cookie snack.