Cool Down This Summer with Refreshing Prosecco and Rosé Popsicles

Need an afternoon pick-me-up? You're in for a treat, because Prosecco- and Rosé-flavored popsicles are hitting the shelves. And yes, they contain real alcohol. Looks like summer afternoons are about to get a whole lot better.

The masses have spoken and Pops has answered. The company released a line of booze-flavored popsicles, which wouldn't have been complete without Prosecco, which is all the rage lately. From edible Prosecco glitter to smurf-blue Prosecco, it looks like it will be a Prosecco-filled summer.

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Of course, rosé has been making it's own waves. You can now ditch the wine bottle and opt for a forty of rosé.

With its sweet refreshing flavor symbolic of summer, the season wouldn't be complete without it. And in frozen form? All the more better!

The booze flavored popsicles also come in Champagne, Bellini, Moscow Mule, and Watermelon Vodka. You don't have to worry about getting a little too tipsy though, the pops are only 4 percent alcohol. They're also are made from natural ingredients so no need to worry about neon colored artificial pops.

The only drawback is Pops' popsicles are not available in the United States. Just like the edible glitter, it looks like we once again got left out in the states.

Sad, because the only thing better than a popsicle is a booze flavored one. Looks like we'll have to attempt homemade and hope one day we can get our hands on this delightful treat.

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