Oreo Releases Limited Edition Cookie Butter Flavor

On a fateful morning in mid-September, Cookie Butter Oreos appeared on the shelves--and changed the cookie industry forever. If that sounds a little dramatic to you, it means you haven't tried Oreo's latest limited edition flavor. Cookie Butter Oreos pack gingersnap-flavored crème between graham-flavored cookies, pulling inspiration from the beloved Belgian treat.

We've been salivating in anticipation of the release since July, when renowned food blogger @markie_devo posted a picture of a package of Oreos with a jar of cookie butter, captioning the image "Cookie Butter Oreos will release on Sep 18th".

What is Cookie Butter?

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So what's the big deal with Cookie Butter? Allow us to enlighten you with a brief trip to Belgium, the Cookie Butter motherland. In Belgium, spice cookies or "speculoos" (pronounced "speck-you-lows") are a holiday essential. The classic Biscoff cookie recipe includes cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and butter.

The masterminds at Trader Joe's came up with the idea to pulverize these Belgian baked goods into a smooth, spreadable cream. Speculoos Cookie Butter was so popular, Trader Joe's had to limit shoppers to two jars per trip. The spreadable substance tastes scrumptious on just about anything, from waffles and toast to vegetables (trust us on this one).

Where Can You Buy Cookie Butter Oreos?

Now, Nabisco has harnessed the power of Cookie Butter to manufacture what just might be the best special edition Oreo flavor of all time.  That's including Oreo's delicious past successes (e.g. Dunkin' Donuts mocha-flavored, and jelly donut Oreos) in addition to their not-so-delicious ventures (e.g. Swedish Fish flavored Oreos). The cookie butter flavored cream is sandwiched between two graham cracker style cookies, and the new flavor is similar in appearance to their seasonal Apple Pie Oreos, also out now.

As of September 18, you can find Cookie Butter Oreos at Target for $2.99 per pack--that is, unless the hoards of Cookie Butter fans clear out the stores. Not only will these gingersnap-inspired bad boys fly off the shelves, they're only available for a brief window of time. We suggest stockpiling a few packages Cookie Butter Oreos while you can before we eat them all. And we will--all's fair in love and Cookie Butter.

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