The 7 Best Steakhouses in Colorado No Cowboy Can Deny

Colorado's state moto is "nile sine Numine," which roughly translates from Latin to "nothing without the Deity," and it becomes quite clear once you cross the state line that Coloradans cannot do much without a decadent steak.

Fortunately, this state is not in short supply of delicious steakhouses, so we have done the hard work for you and narrowed down the best of the best of its steakhouses. Get your steak knife ready because it is time to go on a culinary adventure filled with perfectly cooked to pink perfection steaks all around this snowy state.

Check out our picks for the 7 best steakhouses in Colorado.

1. Denver and Vail: The Bone-In Ribeye at Elway's

With three locations around Denver and one location in Vail, Elway's is a notorious must-stop restaurant to sink your teeth into a juicy steak.

The best way to enjoy your perfectly cooked steak is by smothering it in one of their signature steak add-ons for an additional kick of savory succulence.

2. Colorado Springs: The Dry Aged Bone-In Strip at Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop

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At Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop, they dry age their bone-in strip for 35 days to enhance the meaty, umami flavors of this magnificent steak.

They then sear this steak to lock in all the luscious juices and slather it in a touch of herb-infused butter for a dish that can't help but impress.

3. Loveland: The Cowboy Cut Ribeye at 4th Street Chop House

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The 4th Street Chop House prides itself on their bone-in ribeye that is finished with fresh herbs and rich butter.

Their steaks are serves with fresh cut fries, mashed potatoes, or the Chef's featured risotto, which is what I suggest, because creamy risotto was made for rich steak.

4. Aspen: The Prime Cowboy Ribeye at SteakHOUSE No. 316

Located in the usually snow-blanketed city of Aspen, the SteakHOUSE No. 316 is the best place to warm up while chowing down on a meaty steak.

Loved by locals and tourists alike, their bone-in ribeye is large enough to feed any cowboy who wanders in for warmth.

5. Breckenridge: The Ribeye at Briar Rose Chophouse

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The Briar Rose Chophouse prides itself on serving the highest quality beef and wild game in the state of Colorado, so it is no surprise that their ribeye is seared to perfection and served up with your choice of delicious sides.

This steak makes its way to your dinner table from Harris Ranch and has been aged for 28 days to enhance its natural beefy flavor.

6. Montrose: The Ribeye at Ted Nelson's Steakhouse

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This ribeye is 13 ounces of certified American Angus beef and is served to you saturated with meaty flavor and mouthwatering juices.

At Ted Nelson's Steakhouse be prepared to fill your tummy with assorted sides, because each entrée includes potatoes cooked to your liking, rice or pasta, healthy veggies, and a selection of house soup or salad--if you leave hungry I'm not sure you're doing it right.

7. Steamboat Springs: The Prime Rib at Ore House at the Pine Grove

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Perfectly cooked to pink perfection, this prime rib is served piping hot with unlimited trips to the salad bar, nutritious vegetables, your choice of starch, fluffy dinner rolls, and warm cinnamon buns to help you conquer your sweet tooth.

Ore House at the Grove sits in a historic barn that was originally built in 1889, so once you're done with your steak take a look around and walk off some of that delectable food.

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