The Coffee Hack You'll Secretly Try, But Won't Admit

So we all know that talking and driving is dangerous and very illegal. Hello hands-free! But, did you know that drinking your beloved coffee and driving is now considered an almost-as-bad offense in Washington? They call it drinking and driving. Only, it no longer even matters if what you're drinking is intoxicating for it to be illegal.

Washington's New Anti-Coffee Law

Washington's new distracted driving law recently took effect. They made it punishable not only to talk on your phone while driving, but also declared drinking or other activities that could potentially take your hands off the wheel secondary offenses.

That means even a small infraction such as rolling through a stop sign because you didn't want to upset your cup of coffee by fully stopping could cost you up to $99. That is an expensive cup o' Jo. 

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

However, real coffee devotees will find a way to get that caffenation into their system, and one Washington woman has already figured out the perfect method while still keeping her hands at 10 and 2.

Sarah Hubler-Gutierrez, from Vancouver, posted a photo on her Facebook Sunday just after the new DUI-E law took effect. The photo shows her with her hands both squarely on the wheel and eyes forward. This surprisingly normal driving position only has one anomaly. To consume her coffee there is the giant straw that stretches from her lips to a coffee cup in her cup holder.

How to obey the law in Washington when coffee is life

Posted by Sarah Hubler-Gutierrez on Sunday, July 23, 2017

The caption reads, "How to obey the law in Washington when coffee is life."

The internet went wild. Since it was first posted on Sunday, there has been thousands of likes and comments and over 50,000 shares.

Some people offered sincere warnings.

Others congratulated her ingenuity and hoped to follow suit.

And yet a few forward-looking folks considered the implications of such a law.

Any way you slice it though, this woman is considered an overall genius and circumventing the system.

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