Clear Coffee Exists and It Won't Stain Your Teeth, Seriously

For generations, people have willingly damaged their own teeth with cigarettes and coffee. Pearly white teeth transform to shades of yellow, gray, brown, and everything in between when too much of either substance is consumed. Cigarette smokers, we don't have any good news for you.

For coffee drinkers, though, we have great news for you and your chompers: Clear coffee has arrived for whiter teeth. You read that right, colorless coffee for your mild caffeine addiction. You might never drink regular coffee again.

Clear Coffee, shortened and branded as CLR CFF, looks like water. It comes in a clear bottle, as water tends to come, and looks pretty darn clear. The taste of CLR CFF, though, is nothing like water.

How roasted Arabica beans go through physical processing to become clear is a mystical act to us.

You've had cold brew, right? That's exactly how this incredible new beverage tastes. If you doubt it, check out what CLR CFF has to say about its groundbreaking beverage:

"This refreshing beverage is made from high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. It is produced by methods which have never been used before."

We can't grab an ingredient list, but they also say it's free of preservatives, sugar, stabilizers, and artificial sweeteners. From a potent cold brew, this has us scratching our heads. But hey, we're not scientists. 

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While we wanted to chalk this up as some completely artificial "coffee" beverage, it seems like it's legit.  Clint Rainey of Grub Street writes,

"Metro ... gave it a try, and a reporter there felt the flavor was more like what happens if you forget to wash the coffee filter out, add more water 'to get the very last dregs of flavor out of the wet beans,' and then, for some reason, drink that."

If you want to test this out for yourself, you can head to the UK, London specifically, or check out CLR CFF online for the high-quality Arabica coffee. Two bottles will run you somewhere around seven American dollars.

We're skeptical, so we'll keep drinking our fresh coffee black (but also on ice and through a straw). Will this newly invented clear coffee put Crest Whitestrips out of business? Only time will tell.

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