10 Mexican Dishes That'll Turn Up The Heat For Cinco De Mayo


Cinco De Mayo is a time of celebration. It's a colorful day full of cheers and delicious eats, and dancing in the streets. But if you're not wanting to go out, what can you do? Host a party! Bring the celebration to your home with this Cinco De Mayo menu, filled with tons of spicy and/or tasty ideas for any size of a party crew.

1. Spicy Margarita

?Let's start with the drinks for your cinco de mayo menu, because it should always start with a good drink. Take your bartending up a notch and add some spice to the traditional marg. This spicy margarita recipe from Food Network is sure to give your tongue a tingle. Don't fret because you won't be chopping up jalapeños for this. It's actually a combination of ancho and chipotle chili powders, and spicy salt that gives it the spicy kick. The rest is the traditional margarita ingredients.

2. Spicy Pink Paloma

Alot of people don't know what a Paloma is, and if that's you... listen up. A Paloma is basically the margarita's sister. This recipe is also a tequila-based cocktail, but uses grapefruit soda instead of lime juice. It somehow also tastes light, although it requires just as much attention as a marg.

3. Chunky Guacamole

Another Food Network Magazine favorite, a homemade guacamole is a must. Sure bean dip and cheese dip are also good, but there's something about guac that really elevates every party. It does take some prep, but just buy a jar or grocery store salsa and you'll have enough time for the guac. Besides the prep, this recipe is pretty easy to tackle. It's mostly made up of avocado, onion, tomato, cilantro, lime and salt. Most of all of this you probably already have in your kitchen.


4. Baked Skillet Nachos

Another cinco de mayo menu appetizer favorite, no party is complete without nachos. It's the best comfort food, and you want your guests to feel comfortable right? Grab a skillet and 20 minutes of your time, and these crunchy nachos are sure to be a hit. This recipe calls for a bunch of ingredients, including enchilada sauce, layered together, baked and topped with more ingredients. Once you throw it all together, its super easy to bake and serve.

5. Tex-Mex Beef Enchiladas

This enchilada recipe is so good that the test kitchen at Bon Appetit Mag fought over the enchiladas during a taste test. Now that's an impression you want to leave with your guests. The ground beef is combined with a lot of different ingredients, before stuffed into a chili gravy fried tortilla. Topped with some pico de gallo, the different elements of this dish truly come together. You may even be able to try the chili gravy method with cheese enchiladas. Not too sure it would taste as good with chicken enchiladas though.

6. Mini Baked Chimichangas

If you really want to take it up a notch, serve chimichangas instead of enchiladas. Or, you can definitely do both! This recipe will make it easier on you by not only being mini in size, but replacing the frying method with baking. The main ingredient are shredded chicken and refried beans, but you are more than welcome to replace that with any meat. Heck, you can even make these veggie. Don't forget to pick up the sour cream.

7. Chicken Quesadilla

Now if you really are stretched for time and want something super easy, quesadilla is the way to go. These crispy shredded chicken quesadillas can be made well in advance, throwing the chicken breast in a pressure cooker for a fast cooking method. You can even use grilled chicken in the recipe. But if you don't want pollo, you can also use carne asada or chorizo with the fajita style sautéed onions and bell peppers. The kids will appreciate a simple cheese quesadilla.


8. Cinco De Mayo Tostadas

?If your cinco de mayo menu is more finger-food style, this recipe will allow you to play around with the tostada size. Because it uses corn tortillas, you're able to customize how big you want your tostadas to be. Topped with all the good veggies and lettuce, and an egg, this dish is very vegetarian-friendly. Hope you like cilantro because it calls for a handful.

9. Dessert Nachos

Yep, we have another nacho dish to add to the mix. This time, it's a sweet one. These tortilla chips are tossed in cinnamon sugar and topped with a strawberry, mango, and avocado salsa. You can even call it a taco salad. Sounds weird, but everything compliments each other in this recipe. It's a great combo of dinner and dessert to transition right into dessert time.

10. Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Last but truly not the least, this dessert brings the night to a full circle. You can't send your guests home without having a taste of desserts, and after a full meal these light churros will do just the trick. This churro recipe not only shows you how to make them, but adds bittersweet chocolate sauce to the mix. You always need a dip! It will take alot of prep to make time, but it's very much worth it. You can even serve churros with ice cream if you want to skip the sauce step.

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