Searching for Childhood Candy? Chuckles Jelly Candy Awaits You!

There's something about candy that has a fruity taste. If your gazing eye is looking for a chewy candy anytime you're in the grocery store checkout, you'll love Chuckles candy. Chuckles Jelly Candy is the perfect gummy candy for those with a sweet tooth.

Chuckles was created in the United States in 1921 by Fred W. Amend. If you've been searching candy stores for these retro sweets, look no further. Thank you, Amazon!

Chuckles Original Jelly Candy


If you're not sure what Chuckles taste like, they come in five different flavors. Licorice, cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. I personally love a good candy that has a variety of flavors. Don't get me wrong, a chocolate candy bar and a Dr Pepper is one of my favorite snacks, but there's something about multiple chewy fruit flavors with a light sugar coating.

It always seems like the best candy from your childhood is hard to come across, but thanks to Amazon, you're able to blast into the past with one of your favorite candies. They also come in Chuckles Minis! Keep a bag in your desk at work for a chewy dessert after lunch.

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A customer review said they taste the same from 50 years ago! This is so exciting. Every now and then I catch myself in a feeling of nostalgia, craving Fruit Stripes and Chick-O-Sticks. I hate the feeling of thinking I didn't appreciate a certain snack or candy from my childhood, because sometimes they aren't always so easy to find at the grocery store or gas station.

If Chuckles Jelly Candy was a candy you couldn't leave the gas station without as a child, relive the good days with some Chuckles. Know any Sour Patch Kids fans? Let them have a taste of Chuckles Jelly Candy and see if they'll love these classics!

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