Chipotle's Menu Is Preservative-Free, Using Only 51 Ingredients

Chipotle Mexican Grill is laying claim to the title of cleanest-eating fast-food chain after a major, company-wide move to sell preservative-free food, in response to a recent drop in sales and a diminishing market share.

As Bloomberg reports, Stores across the U.S. have started selling five-ingredient tortillas  -- just flour, water, salt, yeast and canola oil -- the company announced March 28, doing away with the dough conditioners and preservatives they previously contained. The chain's corn tortillas, used to make tortilla chips, are made with only corn masa and water.

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Its effort to go preservative-free now complete, Chipotle restaurants utilize just 51 ingredients along with some hormone-free meat and organic produce. The company also says none of its ingredients have been genetically modified.

The Mexican fast-casual chain took a major hit in 2015 following an outbreak of food-borne illness that sent sales plummeting, followed by a slow recovery period during which competitors, especially Panera Bread, saw increases in sales.

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