Joanna Gaines Wants to Stock Your Pantry Full of Fresh Herbs

When you hear the names Chip and Joanna, it's safe to assume you get the reference without having to hear the "Gaines". The two stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper have worked their way into the hearts of viewers and readers (Joanna has a blog that you're sure to love) alike, and have now taken it to your very kitchen.

Yes, the Gaines' have a bakery, garden, and much more at Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas, allowing you to dine in or take deliciousness home with you, but to top themselves in a way that only Chip and Joanna could, they began selling seeds.

Yes, the couple that rules the airwaves and the locals of Waco has now essentially opened their in-market herb garden to the world via Magnolia Seeds.

Magnolia Market

Why take the time to start--or grow--your own garden when you can walk into your local grocer and pick whatever you want, ready to use? For starters, herbs are a natural form of pest control, as they've been known to repel insects and animals such as deer.

With options like cilantro to tang up your salsa, and basil to calm your nerves and clean your liver, Chip and Joanna are offering a simple in to starting up a garden of your own.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with the concept of creating and maintaining a garden of any size, Magnolia Seeds has your back.

Magnolia Market
Magnolia Market

Herbs and flowers such as dill and zinnia take minimal effort in the planting process, and are extremely easy to maintain--simply water thoroughly after planting, and continue to water over time until they've reached their full potential.


For the salad lovers out there, Magnolia Seeds has you covered with spinach seeds. Why go to the store and get week-old spinach when you can grow it directly in your backyard and have it last longer than three days in your fridge? We can't think of a reason, either.

No matter your experience--or lack there of--with gardening, Chip and Joanna have made a seemingly daunting task accessible to the masses, and with ease. And for that, we salute and thank you, Chip and Joanna.

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