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Chip and Joanna Gaines' Kids Weren't Necessarily Happy to Star on TV


Loyal fans of Fixer Upper have come to know and love Chip and Joanna Gaines. For 5 years, fans got a glimpse into the life of the Gaines' world outside of social media. Along with being fabulous designers, the couple was known for the revitalization of their hometown of Waco, Texas. In the course of the show, they opened Magnolia Market, the now infamous silos, and their recent venture, Magnolia Table. Through all of this, viewers felt like they knew Chip and Joanna Gaines' kids. Fans literally watched them grow up and help their parents every step of the way, often in the cutest of ways.

In 2018, the Gaines family decided to step away from their popular HGTV show in order to focus on their family. While viewers did get glimpses of their kids helping mom and dad during filming, most of their lives remained private. When the final season of Fixer Upper aired, one of Joanna Gaines' kids was still in the womb. New babies are always a full plate, but it must have been even more difficult to raise everyone while working on Fixer Upper and Fixer Upper: Welcome Home.

With 5 kiddos ranging in ages from 2 to 16, husband Chip and wife Joanna are certainly a busy bunch.

The kids were a major factor in why Chip and Joanna decided to leave HGTV and start their own network, Magnolia. In a recent interview with People about the shift to Magnolia network, Joanna stated, "When we first started the show, they were younger, and since they're a part of so much of what we do, it was just organic to include them. But toward the end I started noticing, they don't necessarily love this." Fans will now get glimpses of the kids only if they choose to be a part of the TV show.


Who are Chip and Joanna Gaines's Kids?

Drake (16)

Joanna's and Chip's oldest son Drake Gaines is 16. Like many 16-year-olds, he recently got his driver's license. Along with cruising around, Drake has a passion for baseball. He takes after his father, Chip Gaines, in that both are talented and passionate about the game. Chip was recruited to play ball for Baylor University, and though it didn't work out, there is hope for Drake. Drake loves being a role model for his baby brother, and showing him the ropes of farm life.

Ella Rose (14)

Ella Rose is the second child and eldest girl in the family. Fans may remember her being outgoing and loving being the attention. At 14, she loves baking, and may follow in her mom's designer footsteps. Ella spends time rearranging her room, baking, and even selling her treats at the Magnolia office.

Duke (12)

Duke is the third Gaines child of the bunch. After spending much of his life being outside and helping his parents, he has become quite the gardener. Recently, Duke spent his evening picking a bunch of the family's vegetables. He even wanted his mom's help to pickle some of his peppers!

Emmie Kay (11)

Emmie Kay is the baby girl of the family. Like her older siblings, she loves life on the farm. She inherited her mom and older sister's love of baking, and develops her own cookie recipes.


Baby Crew Gaines (2)

In 2018, Joanna became a new mom with her baby boy, Crew Gaines. The newest addition made his speedy entrance 2 weeks early, in June 2018. The Gaines' fifth child was a welcome surprise to his family. With only 2 years of life under his belt, son Crew has 4 older siblings to play with and look up to. No doubt he will have plenty of support from his loving family.

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