Texas' Chick-Fil-A Is Getting A Spicy Revamp


It's getting hot in here. Chick-Fil-A is making room to bring spicy chicken strips back to Texas.

If you're a fan of CFA, you know the menu inside and out. From chicken sandwiches to nuggets, they have all the fried chicken you would ever want. And if you wanted to add a little bit of flavor to it (apart from drenching your nugs in CFA sauce), you could always opt for the spicy chicken sandwich. But why has that been the only spicy option on their menu when it's so popular? The team at CFA wants to change that.

Bring On The Spicy Chicken Heat

The fast food chain made some changes and debuted two spicy entrees as part of a trial period last year. They're notorious for trying new menu items in testing periods so it's just a matter of keeping up with their drops. The Spicy Chick-n-Strips entrée, Grilled Spicy Deluxe Sandwich, and the Spicy Chick-n-Strips Biscuit were the first to hit the menu last year in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Arizona.

"For breakfast, two spicy chick-n-strips are layered on a buttered biscuit to make the Spicy Chick-n-Strip Biscuit," they've shared. The strips on their own are available as a 3 or 4 count. For the entree sandwich "...a grilled boneless breast of spicy marinated chicken with Colby-Jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes (is) served on a brioche bun. The Grilled Spicy Deluxe Bundle is also available as a catering option in the test markets."

And what makes it so hot? Their chicken is seasoned with a blend of spicy peppers. In order to make room for the spice, CFA had to scrap a couple of old items. If you can't handle the heat, unfortunately, the original chick-n-strips, grilled cool wrap, and side salad were all cut.

The Spicy Chicken Strips Have Landed In Texas

Well, they must have been popular because a year later these items are making their way down south. It's not currently known which location(s) will be the lucky testing sites, but having just one in central Texas is better than none in Texas. Other markets joining in on the excitement also include Tampa and Chicago.

It'll be the same process, as in the above items will be removed to make room for the spicy entrees. Currently, the spicy deluxe sandwich will not be debuting in these markets, come April 26.

And if you really love it, make sure to leave them feedback. If enough people want it, these items can permanently join the menu nationwide.

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