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This Chicago Whataburger T-Shirt Pokes Fun at Recent Sale


It comes as no surprise that Texans are a bit ticked off by the recent sale of Whataburger to BDT Capital Partners, LLC, a Chicago investment firm. The famous Texas hamburger chain, which boasts over 650 locations in the Lone Star State, has been a Texas staple for over 69 years since it's opening in Corpus Christi in 1950. And now, one Midwest company is poking fun at the sale, sharing their glee of "Chicago's most famous Texas hamburger chain" with a t-shirt. 

Chicago Whataburger T-Shirt Pokes Fun at Whataburger's Sale 

Raygun, known as "the greatest store in the universe" according to their Instagram page, is a cheeky printing and t-shirt company based in the Midwest. Their t-shirts are guaranteed to make you chuckle with sayings like, "Kansas City: Our Construction is Under Construction" and "Our Little House is the Prairie". And their latest shirt (which sells for $23) is sure to send some Texans into a tailspin.

The brand shared the photo of the new shirt on their Instagram page sharing, "Now that Whataburger belongs to Chicago, we celebrate with a shirt". But that's not all. The brand has launched a whole new look for the Whataburger menu.

According to Raygun, here's what the new Whataburger menu should look like. First, the menu should obviously include Chicago deep dish pizza.


Second, Whataburger hot dogs should be served up the way they are supposed to be. Which means pickles, tomatoes, onion, and of course, pickled sport peppers. These hot dogs will stand beside Italian Beef sandwiches and get washed down all by the Cubs favorite beer, Old Style.

And if you are feeling frisky, Raygun suggests that Whataburger should start selling Malort, a liqueur that tastes bitter and repulsive. Tremaine Atkinson, CEO of C. H. Distillery in Chicago describes the drink as, "ass, gas, and fire."


But will Whataburger add all these items to their menu? Most likely not. Thankfully the fast food chain headquarters are staying put in San Antonio, and not moving up north.

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