What Do You Want for December 1? This Cheese Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have come a long way in the last decade. It was only a few years ago when Christmas countdown calendars opened to reveal a trinket or piece of chocolate. Today, you can find advent calendars packed with everything from craft beer to beauty products to pork rinds. There are life-size advent calendars, Star Wars advent calendars, a wine advent calendar, and advent calendars for dogs.

This year, we've discovered the most delicious advent invention to date. Using a combination of Christmas magic and advanced cheese technology, super-smart cheese scientist/food blogger Annem Hobson has designed the first ever cheese advent calendar. After launching a campaign for Christmas 2016 after making a handmade prototype of the different varieties, the cheese-loving blogger was able to rally enough support to see the calendar actually go into production this year.

cheese advent calendar
So Wrong It's Nom

Behind each of the calendar's 24 doors, you will find five different types of individually-wrapped cheeses, a mix of bite-size hard and soft cheeses. We won't know the different cheeses for sure until we've opened each door come December 25 (we're strong believers in the "no peeking" rule when it comes to Christmas), but word on the street is the calendars will include Applewood, Jarlsberg, Red Leicester, and mature cheddar in the unique 'book style' advent calendar.

The calendar will be produced by cheese manufacturers Norseland, Ilchester, and be sold at Asda stores, a UK-based supermarket. The price is set around £8, and the launch date is set for Monday, November 6.

So Wrong It's Nom

As of now, the cheese advent calendar will only be available in the U.K. But there's still hope for us American cheese lovers--Hobson has promised she will do her best to spread her magical advent invention with the world.

The food blogger wrote in a post:

"US, Europe and rest of the world - you have not been forgotten. Your support means the world to me and some very important people have told me that if the calendar performs well here in my home country, they'll soon be heading your way in no time. If you would like the world's first Cheese Advent Calendar to be in your country, send me your feedback so I can show it to retailers! Happy Cheesemas!"

So if you want this cheese advent calendar to make its way stateside, let creator Annem Hobson know!

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