Have You Ever Had Cheerwine Holiday Punch?

Are you familiar with Moxie? What about Blueberry Breese? Many regional sodas are just that: regional soft drinks. Cult followers of those beverages, though, may wish the brands were available nationwide. One soda that we know would be well-received if it reached national fame is Cheerwine. And, just in time for holiday season, Cheerwine's holiday flavor is back.

Unfamiliar with this North Carolina staple? No problem. Wide Open Eats writer Zak Hansen describes Cheerwine well.

Burgundy-red and lightly sweet with the taste of cherries, Cheerwine contains no alcohol, despite the name.

In its home state, you can even find Cheerwine-flavored ice cream, sherbet and cream bars, and in 2010, Carolina Beverage Company partnered with another North Carolina company to introduce the Cheerwine Krispy Kreme donut.

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Cheerwine Holiday Punch incorporates the original flavor, but it has a bit of a twist. Southern Living describes how one would make the punch. You'll need two 2-liter bottles of Cheerwine, one 2-liter bottle of ginger ale, and two 46-ounce cans of unsweetened pineapple juice. 

Talk about a delicious Thanksgiving staple! The color of the drink is so pretty, it's Pinterest and Instagram-worthy. There's really nothing like the Cheerwine soft drink in any variety, though there are limited quantities for the season.

Entertaining this holiday season? Here’s our (not so) secret recipe.

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Not interested in making it yourself? No worries; you can simply buy Cheerwine Holiday Punch from the bottle. The pre-mixed blend is exactly what the legendary punch is meant to taste like. We love adding a bit of carbonated water to the punch bowl. That's what this article is all about. We encourage you to experiment, though, with those limited supplies.

For instance, you can try making some Baked Cheerwine Doughnuts. Not interested in sweets? You may have a point. Cheerwine's pretty sweet on its own. Cheerwine Holiday Punch seems to be begging for a bit of rum. That said, don't let us steer you in one direction or another. We encourage getting festive this holiday season with Cheerwine Holiday Punch cocktails of all varieties, especially this ready to serve blend.

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The limited edition soda is available in both North Carolina and South Carolina. Found in Harris Teeters, Food Lions, and Walmarts in the area, this delicious Cheerwine Punch just tastes like the holidays. Further, you can grab some in the Delmarva Peninsula, like Salisbury, Maryland at other retail outlets. You better hurry, though, as it's only available until December 31, per a press release from Cheerwine officials.

One 2-liter bottle should run you just under two bucks. That said, we'd be willing to bet that a night of Cheerwine Holiday Punch-inspired fun would be priceless

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