Why Check Luggage When You Can Check a Single Beer?

Checking in luggage at the airport is always a nerve-wracking experience. Standing in line waiting for an open kiosk, the brain is flooded with doubtful questions. Is my luggage overweight? Will my bag get lost? What if someone mistakes it for their own and I'm stuck in a panic at the treacherous never-ending conveyor belt? While most opt for carry-on bags that are clearly to large for an overhead compartment, there are a few things you have to check - like beer.

One passenger did just that. On a Qantas flight out of Melbourne, Australia, Dean Stinson checked what could possibly be the single lightest checked baggage in the history of airport luggage - a single can of beer. When airport authorities thought they finally had seen it all, someone goes and does this.

For those following at home:

Posted by Dean Stinson on Saturday, July 8, 2017

The checked can of Emu Export Lager was a clever rouse played out by two mates who were skeptical of the outcome. One of the individuals involved is an airport employee who was rather surprised that the can made it to the destination at Perth Airport.

One can guess the thoughts going through airline employees' heads when stowing away this can amongst all the other luggage.

The airlines, however, treated this special package like any other piece of checked luggage. They were even kind enough to treat it with extra care as it came out first in baggage claim.

While it may be common to check a beer or two in your luggage, a single can is a site to behold. And one tempting enough to "accidentally" get the wrong luggage.

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