Summer is Officially Here Because Mini Champagne Six-Packs Are Real

Six-packs just got a whole lot sexier. Moët launched champagne six-packs that will totally transform your picnic experience. Moët & Chandon has long been lauded for their bubbly expertise. Their Moët Mini Share Pack only confirms that they are playing for keeps when it comes to their customers. The champs travel pack comes with six 187-milliliter bottles of Moët's classic Imperial Brut.

Instead of a straw for sipping, which is something Pommery Champagne made famous with their mini sparkling Pop bottles, Moet has outfitted this six-pack with golden flute toppers. Think of it as basically a champagne sippy cup. The six mini bottles are the perfect accompaniment for your backyard barbecue and miniature dreams.

Moet & Chandon created their signature Imperial Brut way back in 1869, so this is a tried and true recipe for the luxury champagne house. The six-pack costs $100, which is quite steep, but can you really put a price on mini champagne bottles?

It's crafted from three grape varietals Pinot Noir (30 to 40%), Pinot Meunier (30 to 40%), and Chardonnay (20 to 30%). It's the perfect sparkling sip to pair with dishes like chicken (fried and cold preferably), fish, sushi and fruity desserts like white peach tarts and strawberry short cake.  

In a press release, Moët says, "This new take on the classic six-pack is the perfect way to elevate any celebration, allowing guests to enjoy their own personal bottle of Champagne."

Now all you need to really enjoy these little bottles of champagne is the Chambong.