Celebrate Chocolate Custard Month by Mixing a Batch of Your Own

In honor of Chocolate Custard Month (yes, this is a thing), we have decided to sooth that sweet tooth with something even sweeter. The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker will allow you to whip up the quickest and most delicious batch of custard so you can really enjoy the celebrated holiday.

The Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker is great for cooking up a quick batch of ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard, and sherbet for only $29.99.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker, 1.5-Quart

ice cream maker

The only proper way to enjoy a month dedicated to the likes of chocolate custard is by making your own batch when at all possible. This mixer will allow you to freeze up your own dessert in a matter of 40 minutes or less. You can keep it simple with the flavor of your choice or get creative with your favorite mix-ins.

This ice cream maker is extremely efficient and runs on simple ingredients which means no rock salt is necessary to kick this thing into gear.

Do right by all of the chocolate custard in the world and get yourself this sweet machine. You'll be concocting some of the best custard in no time!