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Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist Rum Will Be the Drink of the Summer


[dropcap]R[/dropcap]um and coke? That's so yesterday. Captain Morgan knows rum lovers love their Coca-Cola, but it looks like they want us to mix things up this summer. I'm all for it. Instead of mixing a Coke with the original spiced rum, pick up some ginger ale, because it'll taste amazing with the new Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist flavor.

Limited-Edition Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist is here just in time for summer. I'm way too excited. I usually get my orange-vanilla fix through popsicles, but Captain Morgan rum is here to dominate the popular summertime flavor.

I love me some orange juice (in mimosas, of course), so any alcohol that's orange-flavored just gets my heart and liver racing. The fruity combination of orange and vanilla will taste perfect on the rocks. Or even better, as an orange slushie.

Get to the liquor store (they're essential businesses after all), and grab the summer edition bottle before they're sold out. Before you head back home from the liquor store, stop by the grocery store for orange creamsicles. You should do a taste test and compare the two. Taste tests are so entertaining.


I bet that Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist Rum will take me back to my Flintstone Orange Sherbet Push Up days. Oh man, I can't wait to get my hands on a bottle. Sorry tequila, but it looks like summer is for Caribbean rum.

As you expand your liquor collection this summer, be sure to stock up on the perfect glassware for your delicious summertime cocktails. You can never go wrong with cocktail umbrellas and adorable straws for a sweet summer-theme.

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