Med Schools Across Nation Adding a Cooking Class to the Curriculum

Want to go to medical school? If so, hopefully you didn't flunk Home EC because you're going to need those gifted hands for chopping onions. Adding cooking to the curriculum, Tulane Medical School in New Orleans is requiring students to pass a course in culinary medicine, according to CBS News.

As if medical school wasn't tough enough, students won't be able to rely on the typical college diet of microwaved ramen noodles if they want to graduate.

Proper nutrition is key to maintaining good health - if you eat bad, you'll feel bad. The concept of adding culinary medicine into the curriculum will not only make the students more well rounded, but will also improve overall health.

Eating a healthy diet can reduce the risk of disease, prevent obesity, and increase longevity. For a doctor, understanding proper nutrition and how to obtain it may have a vital impact when dealing with a patient's health, not too mention their own.

Branching out into the community, students are also taking their newly honed culinary skills and educating the public through cooking. And Tulane Medical School isn't the only school that is requiring future doctors to become skilled in the kitchen. The curriculum has spread to about 15 percent of the nation's medical schools.

If we want to be healthy, then the first step is to learn it through food. After all, food is medicine, and med schools are bound to teach their students all about it.

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