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DIY A Candy Cane Wreath To Add Christmas Cheer


Half of the fun of holiday decorations is the process of creating them! While the end result is lovely and festive, creating holiday décor and adorning your house with it is the perfect way to embrace the holiday spirit. Creating your own Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to involve the whole family and use your creativity this holiday season. One classic holiday décor is Christmas wreaths, and candy cane wreaths are a fun twist on these traditional holiday decorations!

DIY Christmas wreaths are traditionally made by cutting a few branches off of a Christmas tree and forming them into a circle. From there, you can let your creativity reign free, adding holly berries, pinecones, lights, or whatever strikes your fancy. These lovely decorations usually hang where people can fully enjoy their beauty, like on the front door.

How to Make Candy Cane Wreaths

Candy cane wreaths are a similar concept to the traditional holiday wreath, except of course that they're candy cane themed! These are more accessible for those who don't have a real tree to cut branches from, plus the wreaths made from candy canes can be taken apart and eaten after Christmas, a bonus we can't overlook. These Christmas crafts are excellent door decoration or even gift ideas for family and friends.

There are two types of candy cane wreaths, both equally festive and easy to make! For the first kind, all you need is a candy cane wreath form, glue and ribbon. Deco mesh is a great alternative to ribbon, and you can either use a hot glue gun or a tube of strong glue for gluing the candy canes together. You can choose your own ribbon based on the pattern and color you prefer, but many people go for red and white since these are the colors of peppermint candy canes. Here's a step by step tutorial for this adorable DIY door hanger!

As for the second kind, this one is actually made of candy canes. All you need are candy canes, a snowflake decoration for the center, and glue. This is a fun decorating idea if you have more candy canes than you can fit onto your Christmas tree. Your supplies can be bought at the dollar tree or the dollar store, making this holiday craft super easy to prepare for. You can also add tinsel for some extra sparkle! Here's a tutorial for this version of a candy cane Christmas wreath.

Whichever kind of candy cane wreath you choose, this beautiful Christmas decoration will add holiday cheer to your home, welcoming guests and creating a festive atmosphere for all!

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