Can You Put Aluminum Foil in the Oven? Yes, With Some Caveats

If you've ever made any sort of pie or baked goods, you know you've definitely put aluminum foil in the oven (or aluminium foil if you're British, of course!). The question isn't really, can you put aluminum foil in the oven, but should you? Is it safe with acidic foods like tomato sauce? Where can you put it? Should you use different cookware like stainless steel, or is glass better? We get down to the bottom of all the ways you can use aluminum foil in the oven.

Back in the day, there was no aluminum foil. Rather, it was tin foil, which could hold up so much better. Why? Because aluminum foil has a lower heat tolerance.

As you've probably seen when you go to the store, only aluminum foil is up for grabs. Fortunately, aluminum foil is useful for more than cooked foods, being a perfect replacement for plastic wrap when you need to wrap food. It's pretty versatile.

For instance, you can cover baking sheets with it to allow the heating elements to really cook your dish without burning it, reducing cooking times and keeping your electric oven or gas oven safe. Second, you can line racks, or baking and cookie sheets with it so that it can catch spills. This method is better than lining the bottom of the oven because you're covering up the vent openings from allowing the proper air flow. The high heat from the bottom of your oven can also melt the foil. Instead, buy silicone oven liners! They're amazing.


In this situation, the best use of aluminum foil is just to cover the oven racks. You'll want to get a heavy-duty aluminum foil, but not as thick as your dish. You can also use parchment paper to cover baking sheets as an alternative.

Since high temperatures can introduce high levels of aluminum, it's best to limit the amount of aluminum use. Overuse can potentially lead to leaching, but apart from that, foil is perfectly fine to put into an oven. It's especially beneficial for easy cleanup.

The last piece of aluminum foil advice is that you should use the dull side, to avoid overheating. The same goes for grilling and covering baking pans.

So there you have it, you can definitely put aluminum foil in the over. From veggies to baked goods, it's perfect for cooking your food evenly and avoiding stuck messes. Just swap it out periodically.

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