Can You Handle the Strongest Beer in the World?

Fancy yourself a beer pong champion? Well, you'll want to listen up because the world's strongest beer is one you don't want to get caught playing with. Snake Venom was originally declared the world's strongest beer back in 2013. That year, it squeaked out a win against Armageddon beer with a 67.5 ABV (Alcohol By Volume) over Armageddon's 65. That's kind of insane when you consider the fact that the average beer is just 4.5 percent.

If you want a visual breakdown, consider this. One bottle of Snake Venom equals about 15 shots of Bacardi 151 Rum, one of the highest proofs alcohol at 75.5 percent alcohol per volume. Well, Snake Venom has done it again. It was named the world's strongest beer for 2017. 

The evil geniuses behind Snake Venom (and Armageddon) is Brewmeister, a Scottish brewery that puts the fate of the strength into their fans' hands. They created Snake Venom after drinkers declared Armageddon "too weak" and even slightly sweet.

They went back to the lab and played around with yeasts and fermentation to create Snake Venom, which gets its kick and strength from smoked peat malt and both beer yeast and Champagne yeast.

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Want to try some? Get yourself to Scotland where Brewmeister is based or be prepared to drop $80 plus for a single bottle to be shipped to the U.S. Think a bottle won't be enough? Think again. Snake Venom comes with clear instructions that indicate drinkers can't consume more than 35 ml at once.

And even that amount should be sipped and, if possible, diluted or mixed like you would a vodka, gin or scotch. Which, coincidentally, have 40 percent, 40 to 50 percent, and 46 percent ABA max respectively. So, yeah. Put the ping pong balls away, y'all. There will be no drinking games with this beer

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