GRAPHIC: Are These Kitchen Accidents Real or Fake?

The most dangerous place in the world is sometimes your own kitchen. We visit it every single day and as we become more and more comfortable with cooking, we can sometimes become lax. Kitchen accidents are more common than you think and despite common sense mottos like, "A falling knife has no handle," our instincts take over for the worst sometimes. However, kitchen accidents are often some of the most mimicked special effects makeup styles! So here's the deal - can you tell if these accidents are real or fake?

This list is not for those with weak stomachs, but just take heart in knowing that not all of them are real! Promise. The answers are at the bottom of the post - how many can you make it through without feeling nauseous?

1. Do fingertips grow back?

2. Stitches solve all.

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3. Garbage disposals aren't toys.

4. Your feet aren't impenetrable.

5. Is that a microwaved meal?


6. When you really don't pay attention ...


7. It's not just knives you should worry about.


8. This is NFSW on so many levels.


9. When wedding rings become hazards.


10. Sometimes you just need to feel alive, right?


Did you make it all the way through? Good for you, with your iron stomach and all.

The Answers

  1. Real
  2. Real
  3. Fake
  4. Real
  5. Real
  6. Fake
  7. Real
  8. Real
  9. Fake
  10. Real

How many did you guess correctly?

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