Can Amazon Actually Lower Prices at Whole Foods?

Remember when we told you Amazon was buying Whole Foods? It's happening, and a bunch of other things are happening too. We don't have enough time to talk about drones delivering bags of kale and brown rice to your doorstep today. Today's topic is different. Amazon just made a statement that has every Whole Foods-lover from Marin to Monmouth County excited.

They say they're going to lower prices at whole foods. One big, Amazon-sized question lingers, though. Can Amazon actually lower prices at Whole Foods?

Amazon's deal with Whole Foods is set to close on Monday, August 28. We imagine dozens of behind-the-scenes changes will happen. Our intel, though, is all pointed toward the proposed price decrease.

On the day that the takeover, if you will, finalizes, prices will drop. We're reading that as "prices might drop in some places, but we're not sure."

Monday will supposedly show us discounts on rotisserie chicken and brown eggs. We'll see prices "slashed" on salmon, avocados, almond butter, and apples, too. All of those mark-downs are organic, save the almond butter from what we gather.

CNN Money quotes Amazon Worldwide Consumer's CEO, Jeff Wilke. When discussing dropping prices, Wilke said, "Everybody should be able to eat Whole Foods Market quality."

There's no lack of history related to Whole Foods Market's prices. In 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs brought the issue to court. Pre-packed foods, they argued, were systematically overcharged at Whole Foods. We happen to have experienced a 50 percent off sale at the hot bar recently. We still walked away feeling a little stolen-from. (If you're reading this, Whole Foods, please don't stop doing those 50 percent off sales, though. Thanks.)

Additionally, there are rumors in store for Amazon Prime members. As USA Today reported, the company plans to make the Amazon Prime program effectively the customer rewards program at Whole Foods. As the news source reported,

  • Prime members will receive special savings and in-store benefits.

  • Whole Food's privately labeled products will available through Prime Pantry and Prime Now.

We once saw camel milk for what seemed to be $79.97 at Whole Foods. Don't quote us on that, but the prices can be quite lofty. If the Monday mark-downs do happen, we'll scream.

How will it all play out, though, and where (or when) will the price changes end?

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