This Restaurant Celebrates Christmas with 200,000 Lights

Put on your gaudiest Christmas sweater and head over to Arlington, Texas for the most festive restaurant you'll ever rest your eyes on. Known for its over-the-top Christmas light show (200,000 lights to be somewhat exact), Campo Verde is a kitschy dream come to life. With 3,000 yards of multicolor garland, 50 Santa Claus's standing tall, 30 Christmas trees, and two model trains running throughout the entire restaurant and bar, this isn't your normal Tex-Mex stop. It's much, much more.

What is Campo Verde?

Campo Verde was opened in 1983 by James (Smiley) Williams, who self claims himself as "the only Gringo gourmet Mexican cook, cashier, waiter, bartender, busboy and pot washer anywhere". The menu features Arizona and Sonoran-style Mexican food which includes enchiladas, crispy tacos, fajitas, margaritas, stuffed zucchini, Queso, and Pollo de Pueblo. The Campo Verde also offers exotic fajitas, which can be ordered to include elk, cabrito (barbequed goat) and even rattlesnake. On the American food side, Campo Verde offers your usuals like chicken tenders and sandwiches. But if you find yourself starving, try out the 7+ Pound burger and fries. Finish the entire burger in under an hour and it's free. Take longer and it's a whopping $60.

Still hungry? For dessert order a full basket of fresh sopaipillas which are served with honey and (get this) a bottle of Parkay margarine.

Visiting Campo Verde

Located at 2918 W. Pioneer Parkway, Campo Verde is only a short drive outside of Fort Worth. While the Mexican & American restaurant is fun to visit year-round, if you are hoping to get a glimpse of the Christmas decor, visit anytime between October and March. If you are visiting close to Christmas time, we highly suggest visiting during lunchtime because it'll be a little less crowded.

Once in the restaurant, take a few minutes deciding where you would like to sit as each section of the restaurant is themed differently. Then snap some pics and get eating!

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