The New Dress Debate: Cake Optical Illusion Has Internet in a Tizzy

If you don't browse Reddit regularly, you might have missed this beautiful watercolor coffee cake in the /r/food subreddit. While the design and decoration of it is truly gorgeous, the internet seems to have locked in on one specific feature in what's now being dubbed a cake optical illusion. Just how big is this coffee cake?

Much like the blue/black vs. white/gold dress anomaly that people are still talking about, this coffee cake poses some very serious depth perception questions. So what do you think? Is the cake unusually small, with about four servings, or are the coffee mugs just absolutely giant?

I made a coffee walnut cake with a watercolour effect [Homemade] from food

Honestly, it's not easy to tell either way. Even the spoon is at such an awkward angle, it's hard to use it as a way of defining the space. Not the mention the fact that some Reddit users are pointing out that the spoon is equally as huge as the mugs, if that's the case.

Either way, this is a beautiful homemade coffee cake that is almost too pretty to slice into. Just look at that pastel rainbow ombré effect -- this person should be a contender for the Great British Bake Off, if you ask us.

I'd like to think that the cake is just the right size, and I think Lorelei Gilmore would probably like to stick her whole face into a steaming mug of coffee that big.

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