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This No-Knead Buttermilk Bread is Perfect for Sandwiches


Have you found the perfect bread recipe for sandwich bread or other homemade bread? Why not try buttermilk bread? There are plenty of bread dough recipes out there to make a great buttermilk sandwich bread that doesn't require a ton of ingredients, and it's never a bad thing to have another quick bread recipe in your cookbook. A few cups buttermilk might add a bit of cholesterol to this otherwise carbohydrate-filled treat, but you're also getting extra calcium and potassium, so you can justify this yeast bread pretty easily. Many recipes have a short prep time and relatively low cook time, reducing your total time spent stuck in the kitchen. Grab your dough hook, grab a greased bowl, and let's get started!

Buttermilk Bread Recipes

Most recipes for buttermilk bread have some form of buttermilk, melted butter (or unsalted butter) sugar, a few teaspoons salt, instant or rapid-rise yeast, bread flour, and water. Some call for canola oil or vegetable oil, and some use all-purpose flour, wheat flour, a teaspoon baking soda, honey, active dry yeast, or specifically kosher salt.

Some of the ingredients in the buttermilk mixture you make for your bread will come down to preference, dietary restrictions, and flavor interest. For instance, if you want to make buttermilk bread without gluten, you'll have to adjust the recipe accordingly.

No-Knead Artisan Recipe

We found this recipe for buttermilk bread that doesn't require a mixer or yeast proofing, although many recipes suggest using a stand mixer just to make things easier.

This recipe uses three cups bread flour, one tablespoon of sugar, a little salt, instant yeast, canola oil, eight ounces of cultured buttermilk, and six ounces of cool tap water. Others online call for warm water or room temperature water.

The dry ingredients are mixed in a large bowl before adding anything else to the mixing bowl. Then you add the oil, water, and the buttermilk that is so crucial to these recipes.

The ingredients are combined until they're well blended and stick to the bowl, before adding plastic wrap over the mix and letting it proof overnight. The next day, you grease a skillet, scrape the mix onto your workspace, then fold the bread before putting it into the skillet -- no kneading needed!


Bread Loaf Pan

In the video, the bread is covered as the narrator gets the oven ready by moving a wire rack down. The dough proofs and the oven preheats, then the dough is placed into a bread pan/loaf pan. The next step is to let it bake, and before long, a nice, golden brown loaf will emerge.

Get the recipe here.

You could also use a bread machine to make this bread or basically any other bread, from white bread to whole wheat bread and more. Give buttermilk bread a shot, and see if it transforms your sandwich game for good.

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