This Shop's Butterbeer Donuts Are Even Topped with a Golden Snitch

Something about Harry Potter never ceases to be magical. Whether it's the world that J.K. Rowling created or the food that we all wish we could indulge in, over the years the world of witchcraft and wizardry has slowly crept into our muggle world. And it has done so mostly in the form of Harry Potter-themed food offerings. You can sip Butterbeer at Disney World, indulge in Butterbeer marshmallows and cauldron cakes, or even visit an entire Potter-themed bar.

The latest entrant into this magical trend is a Virginia Beach donut shop, Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee, that is serving up Butterbeer-flavored donuts filled with a golden snitch. 

Sugar Shack has conjured up the magical idea of fusing together two of the most emblematic aspects of the wizarding world: quidditch and pubs. (Or is that just a British thing?) Either way, their newest creation comes in a wonderful creme-soda-meets-butterscotch flavor that anyone who has read Harry Potter knows as Butterbeer. 

However, just to make things better, the team behind this creation decided to place a golden snitch in the middle of this golden snitch donut. The team creatively crafted this flying orb out of a donut hole that they dunked in a shimmery, golden glaze and fitted with vanilla fondant wings. To really make the snitch the star of the show, the donut itself serves more as a background and a secondary treat with a white glaze with gold sprinkles to highlight the perched snitch.

Just like a real snitch though, these Harry Potter-inspired doughnuts are liable to flit off the shelves at any moment. Only expect them to stay around for the month of October through Halloween.

Thankfully, they will be available at all Sugar Shack locations, including the Alexandria location outside of Washington, D.C. Harry Potter fans have even taken to bringing their physical books, of course their favorite HP novel, to the shop to enjoy a nice escape from the muggle world. So wouldn't now be a good time to learn that "Accio broomstick" command you've been working on for the last 20 years?

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