Woman Demands Burger King Refund While Building is Ablaze

Let this be a lesson of what not to do when a building is on fire. One woman was visiting a Burger King Drive-thru when the building started burning. Fire alarms blaring, the Burger King employees evacuated to the parking lot while they waited for the fire department to show up. All of a sudden a woman in a red car pulls up to the Burger King restaurant window and demands a refund on her Burger King food.

Woman Demands Burger King Refund While Building is Ablaze

The employees shout, telling her to get out of the way of the building because, you know, it's on fire. She drives a few feet away and steps out of the car, and shouts at the fast food employees, demanding her money back and telling the employees that she doesn't care that the entire restaurant is on fire.

Let's unpack this. First off, she had probably paid for the sandwiches at the first window and when everyone evacuated the burning building and she was sitting at the second window, she didn't receive her whopper or chicken sandwich. Okay, I get that you paid and you are hangry, but let's be a little civil.

She then went on to berate them, saying that this is why they only make $13 an hour. One fast food employee shouts back, "We only make $10!" Ma'am, you are putting them down for making minimum wage yet you are demanding a refund of probably less than $10 for that precious Whopper or chicken sandwich. Something is not adding up here.

When she finally gets back in the car, she says to her passenger, "They're yelling saying It's on fire." Lady, look up at all the billowing smoke!

So whether you are at Wendy's, McDonald's, Taco Bell, Arby's, or Burger King, don't be like this woman and demand a refund while the building is on fire.

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