Build a Life-Size Foosball Table So the Whole Family Can Play Together

Finding a backyard game that the whole family can enjoy isn't always easy, especially when you're dealing with so many different ages! However, we just might have a suggestion for you that could change your barbecues forever. The life-size foosball table is the most inventive homegrown idea for a game ever, and we've got the details you need to build your very own.

Before we get into the instructions though, here's exactly what we're talking about. You'll need lots of family and friends to play, and the set-up is so easy, you could have it erected in no time at all.

How fun does that look?! All participants must keep their hands on the pipes at all times, and the same rules that apply for regular foosball also apply here. Except for when it comes to directing the little men because well, when you have real people playing, you're not using those terrible plastic guys!

So here's everything you need to build your own life-size foosball table. The best part is that you can purchase all of these items for less than $500!

  • 12 4' x 8' particleboard sheets

  • 30 2' x 4' planks that are at least 8 feet long

  • 8 Straight Metal Braces

  • 16 Rafter Braces

  • 8 Individual PVC pipes (4" by 8')

  • 1 box of 1/2-sheet rock screws

For the full directions on how to construct this beauty, head on over to Network Support for the tutorial.

Before you know it, you'll be playing some seriously intense backyard games of foosball, y'all. Don't forget the soccer ball!

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