BuffetGo Aims to End Food Waste and Hunger with Your Help

Every day, one-third of the world's food is wasted - that's about 1.3 billion tons of perfectly good food going to waste. Why's there so much  food waste, you may ask, and there are various reasons that the levels of food waste have increasingly heightened over time. For one, restaurants can't keep the food they've cooked or have had out on a buffet line for over day. Which means whatever food is leftover gets thrown away, and inevitably ends up in a landfill.

Enter BuffetGo, a site that's dedicated to three things: Reducing food waste, fighting climate change, and end food poverty. The numbers for food waste in the U.S. and U.K. are alarming, and something BuffetGo intends on changing in a long-term way. The concept and execution behind BuffetGo is done solely through an app on the customers end for restaurant selection, and restaurants who choose to participate can sign up through the website.

Once a customer selects a restaurant to grab their food from (for 90 percent less than market price), they simply wait for their designated time slot, drive to their restaurant of choice and show the hostess the email confirmation. After that, enjoy all the fresh foods your body can endure -- and then some! Reducing food waste is essential for the economy, as countries largely depend on farming and agriculture for fresh produce and proteins. If we're degrading our farmlands, they could cease to exist, and the inhabitants of the country --and world--will have to face the music they may have ignored up until that point.

Besides your bank account thanking you for saving an exponential amount of money, you're also investing in the future of the planet, and those living in food poverty. If you don't know the effects food waste has on the environment, GoBuffet wants you to  not only become aware, but be a part of the solution, as well. The numbers for food wasted in America are startling. As was stated in an article written by Knowledge at Wharton, the writer said, "according to Elizabeth Royte in her book Garbage Land, Americans throw out "'more stuff, per capita, than any other nation in the world'".

If that doesn't startle you, this will. Enter climate change and global warming; two hot topic items that have been either shoved down the worldly population's throats, or debugged by the conspiracy theorists of this wonderful planet. But when it comes to science and evidence, these things become harder to debug. For example, landfills are used to store waste and keep it out of our trashcans, and the dumpsters of restaurants around the world.

Where there is food in a landfill, overtime it will rot. When food rots, it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that's 84 times more potent and harmful than its lesser relative, carbon dioxide. Because methane absorbs heat more efficiently than other greenhouse gases, it has a large hand on the ongoing global warming epidemic we're all a part of and responsible for. 

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Lastly is BuffetGo's principle to fight food poverty across the world. Statistically speaking, BuffetGo says that there are one billion people suffering from malnutrition, while the rest of the world are wasting about one third of the food that they do make. To BuffetGo CEO Emil Lolby and many others, this is a problem--an epidemic-- that must be stopped, and the power is in our Hands.

As for America, the  Food and Agriculture Organization estimated that we alone waste somewhere near 40 percent of the food we produce, which is almost half of it. According to the BuffetGo website, this type of habitual continuation is not only harming our planet, but leaving certain areas and people around the country extremely malnourished, hungry; if nothing changes, their lives could be at risk, and ultimately the rest of the planet could follow in that cascade.

Starting in Finland but headquartered in Los Angeles, BuffetGo is currently operating in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Finland and Denmark. Though this hasn't fully spread across the United States or even the U.K., the progress that BuffetGo has made since it's beginning in 2014 is impressive, and something that will surely take off worldwide with no time. If you reside in one of the areas which BuffetGo is available, we encourage check it out and let us know about your experience!

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