Budweiser Unveils 2 Patriotic Labels to Raise Money for Folds of Honor

There isn't a beer more synonymous with America than Budweiser, and this summer, the brand is channeling their recognition and acclaim into a good cause. Partnering with Folds of Honor for the sixth year in a row, Budweiser is setting the goal to raise $1 million for the non-profit organization through their new camouflage aluminum bottles, and patriotic packaging designs for both bottles and cans.

The camouflage aluminum bottles are introduced as an ode to "the men and women of our Armed Forces," per the press release. Folds of Honor is a longtime partner of Budweiser, and is an organization dedicated to raising funds and providing educational scholarships to families of fallen and disabled soldiers.

Budweiser has donated over $11 million to Folds of Honor's mission since 2011 and Anheuser-Busch promises that for every Budweiser America bottle and can sold during the week leading up to Memorial Day (May 22-29), up to $1 million of the proceeds will go directly to Folds of Honor.


As Major Dan Rooney, the founder and CEO of Folds of Honor, announced,

"Budweiser continues to be an amazing partner and member of the Folds of Honor family. Their unwavering commitment to service men and women along with veterans is truly commendable.

The special Budweiser America packaging offers yet another way we can pay tribute to our troops and their families, especially before this honorable weekend."

Budweiser wants to turn the focus this Memorial Day on the men and women who serve the United States Armed Forces bravely, especially in these trying and rapidly changing times. Their Camouflage aluminum series in particular was designed to "reflect the brand's long-standing appreciation for the men and women of our Armed Forces."


On the bottles in the Camouflage series, you'll notice that the labels were modified to reflect a few patriotic additions. The first you'll spot is a letter of gratitude to the service men and women of this country, lyrics from the Star-Spangled Banner, and the de facto motto of the United States that reads E Pluribus Unum. It translates to, "out of many, one."

So pick up a case of Budweiser this weekend with your regular go-to craft beer for summer barbecuing because your proceeds will benefit Folds of Honor along with Budweiser.

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