Budweiser Introduces Special Texas Label for the Summer

Budweiser is getting a true Texas makeover for summer 2017. Budweiser launched its 2017 packaging lineup with a bang. The designs celebrate the brand's 12 local brewery markets in Texas and 10 states -- Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey and two in California -- with special designs for each. And the Texas label? Y'all already know it looks pretty majestic in the Budweiser style. 

In place of the regular Anheuser-Busch monogram, thirsty Texans will find the state's initials. In place of "King of Beers," the state's motto, "Friendship"; and in place of "Anheuser-Busch Inc.," the state's nickname, "Lone Star State".


From July to September, you'll find these custom labels on cans and bottles alike, meaning you can finally represent your state's heritage while on the river for a float trip.

Budweiser Vice President Ricardo Marques said in the announcement,

"Our new state bottles and cans celebrate the homes of our breweries and the communities that support them," "Since 1876, Budweiser has been proudly brewed across America, and this summer, we're inviting local consumers to raise a cold one with us."

While we always encourage you to buy local and check out your hometown's craft breweries, this ode to states from Budweiser is a moment of recognition for the big beer brand that's currently at odds with the independent brewery scene.

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