The Best Budget-Friendly Dutch Ovens Under $100

The Dutch oven may be my number one favorite piece of cookware. I love my Instant Pot - don't get me wrong - but there's something classic about making a meal the old-school way in a cast iron Dutch oven. Not only that, but this piece of cookware might be the most versatile option in the kitchen. Use it for slow cooking to braise short ribs, cook up a batch of soup or stock, deep-fry it in - heck, you can even bake bread in the thing! You might be thinking that the best Dutch ovens might be pretty expensive, so we compiled a budget-friendly list for you.

If you don't have a great Dutch oven yet, don't feel pressured to go with a super spendy Staub or Le Creuset dutch oven. Yes, these enameled cast iron Dutch ovens are absolutely stunningly beautiful, but some of the budget cast iron pots listed below rival these brands in performance. We scoured reviews all over the internet to find the best Dutch ovens for the price.

1. Lodge

dutch oven

You might know this brand for making cast iron cookware, specifically of the camping variety. I have more than a few cast iron skillets that I throw into the fire all the time! This 6-quart enameled Dutch oven is not only functional but, at $50, it's a sixth of the price of the Le Creuset signature model.

When it comes to performance, Wirecutter rated this their top choice for Dutch oven cookery. These models also come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be sure it'll be around for a while. Order one from Amazon today. 

2. Cuisinart

Casserole Dish

Coming in just under our budget-qualifying price tag at $99, the Cuisinart 5-quart Dutch oven has the same tight-fitting lid and nonstick surface as much more expensive cookware.

According to America's Test Kitchen, it performs just as well as Dutch ovens three times the cost. It has some nice features, too, like an enameled knob that won't be as hot as some of the models that use stainless steel materials.

Order one from Amazon today.

3. Tramontina

Dutch oven
Tramotina USA, Inc

This brand is well known in the cooking-sphere for making budget models of expensive cookware. Serious Eats has rated their nonstick pans the best for the price and we like their Dutch oven for the same reasons. It's narrow and tall, making it easy to store, although that does mean less surface area for browning. For the price, you can't go wrong with this pick.

Order one from Amazon today.

4. Ikea

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I have to admit - I keep myself far, far away from the kitchen area in Ikea. They have so many great things at such a perfect deal, I'll buy all of them! This $49.99 Dutch oven is no different. With its oval, coquette shape, there's plenty of room for browning and searing.

Epicurious gives this model their "notable underdog" award, as it pleasantly surprised them with its performance. This one isn't enameled on the inside, though, so keep that in mind when it comes to cleaning.

Order one from Ikea today. 

5. Analon

Dutch Oven

Normally listed for $129.99, this model can often be found on sale for under $100. The Spruce voted this model as Best Design, loving the large looped handle on the top of the lid. The handles are comfortable to hold - both while wearing oven mitts and without - and it's a steal at the price.

Wait for this one to go on sale and snag it when it's under $100. Order one from Amazon today. 

6. Crock-Pot

Dutch Oven

Crock-Pot is well known for making electric slow cookers, but did you know they make Dutch ovens as well? At $69.99, this cast iron cookware is appropriately priced for our budget list. lists this one as their runner-up for best affordable Dutch ovens.

They like that it's slightly lighter than other models, but the smooth enameled cast iron works just as well. Order one from Amazon today.

7. Sur La Table

Cast Iron
Sur La Table

This $130 Dutch oven can often be found on sale for $65, making it our last contender in budget Dutch ovens. It's lighter weight than some of the other models on the market but it works just as well. MSN includes this in their 5 best under $80 list, loving how it simmers evenly and makes excellent soups.

Order one from Amazon today.

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