Buc-ee's Dominates New Poll of America's Perfect Pit Stops

Earlier this year, Buc-ee's was dethroned from the title of Top-Rated Bathrooms in Texas. Naturally, Texans everywhere needed to know exactly who made the survey, and how it was possible that a convenience chain named KwikTrip could sweep the rug right out from under a Texan's favorite road trip stop. Well, either Texans showed up in droves to reclaim Buc-ee's fame in the new GasBuddy poll, or the rest of the nation finally realized just how good Buc-ee's is. Floridians, you'll find out soon enough.

As for the Perfect Pit Stop Report Card for Quarter 3 in 2017, GasBuddy compiled information from over 70 million drivers to figure out which chains and road trip staples were the best of the best in six categories. The six categories are as follows: Top-Rated Coffee, Top-Rated Cleanliness, Top-Rated Customer Service, Top-Rated Outdoor Lighting, Top-Rated Restroom, and Top-Rated Overall.


To no Texan's surprise, Buc-ee's completely swept all six categories. With 33 locations across the state, there's something nostalgic about a bag of Beaver Nuggets or staring up at the candy wall with a grin. Illinois-based Kelley's Market took home second in four categories, while KwikTrip took home second in two categories.

GasBuddy compiled over 2 million reviews and almost 10 million individual ratings on each topic, ranging from customer service, outdoor lighting, cleanliness, restrooms, coffee, and overall experience in over 140,000 locations where gas is sold. And when it comes to Buc-ee's, it just proves that everything really is bigger and better in Texas.

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