Buc-ee's Road to Florida Continues with Major Plans

Some people like Wawa. Others like Sheetz. There's Circle K and CITGO and Royal Farms. Out of all of the convenience store chains in the United States of America, you simply must have a favorite. A wise man (who we've made up) once said, "I pledge allegiance to Buc-ee's." Why? Well, A. of all beavers are cool. And B. of all, everything's bigger and, thus, better in Texas. Now, though, it seems that Buc-ee's road to Florida continues on with major plans

Beaver Nuggets, kolaches, and beef jerky. That's what Texas-based Buc-ee's does. If you haven't heard, though, Buc-ee's has been branching out. They're opening new locations in Florida, and we don't know how to react.

Originally opened in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1982, Buc-ee's has continued to grow. You may not have one near you, but we bet you've gone out of your way to stop and take a gander at that glorious candy wall. Good news for Floridians is that they, too, can now take the long way home and hit a Buc-ee's.

The first expansion was in Daytona. Now, they're planning a "Texas-sized travel center" in Fort Meyers, according to The News-Press. The vast rows of gas pumps and unusually clean bathrooms that Texans know and love will be curiously placed in this new Florida location, though.

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The proposed site is what you imagine Florida to be. It appears somewhat marshy, and The News-Press's photo of the plot even includes an egret wading through grass and water. In the background, though, is what you wouldn't expect: a prison.

With 80 fueling stations, this travel center will be no joke. We don't know what to think of the prison, but we do know that if we ever pass through Fort Meyers intra- or post-2019 we have a place to stop. The plan is to sort of ignore the prison and protect the wetlands from what we gather.

Whether the whole things happens as currently planned or not is up for debate. If this does happen, the Fort Meyers location (along with the Daytona Buc-ee's) will carry goods that local travelers will enjoy.

And, as with the original 32 Texas-based Buc-ee's, the bathrooms will be cleaner than a beaver's teeth. (Disclaimer: We don't know if a beaver's teeth are actually clean.)

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