British Supermarket Brand Introduces Mulled Wine Scented Toilet Paper

For those unfamiliar with our friends across the pond, Tesco is both a grocery store and general merchandise store that services the United Kingdom. And Tesco had an idea this year. They want you to smell like mulled wine, all over. Seriously.

Apparently the brand is selling mulled wine scented toilet paper for the holiday season and the internet is collectively losing its mind. While we haven't personally smelled it, we've heard rumors that it really is not what you'd like to be smelling in the bathroom, especially with a wicked hangover. And that hangover was probably caused by mulled wine, to be honest.

Twitter/Tim Shewan
Twitter/Tim Shewan

Please forgive the expletive in this tweet that pretty much sums up what this mulled wine scented toilet paper is all about.

It's not easy to stay on top of the holiday trends, but in this case, Tesco might be a little too on top of it. It's not the only mulled wine scented product in the store, either. Apparently there's mulled wine scented toilet bleach, too.

Britons, I think we're going to let you keep this one.

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