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5 Things You Can Clean With a Brillo Pad (and How To Pick the Right One for Your Job)


I don't know about you, but I get so satisfied when things are clean. Taking streaks out of stainless steel or getting the grime out of baseboard-- it doesn't matter, I like cleaning it all. In all my years as a scrubber, one of my favorite products to use is the tried and true Brillo pad.

No matter how you scour your everyday pots and pans, clean your cast iron cookware, or wipe the kitchen counters: Brillo scrubbing pads are multipurpose household cleaning products that work. They've been at it for over four decades. There's a Brillo for everything.

Best Brillo Pad Uses

Brillo pads might be best known for dishwashing, but there are so many different kinds of scrubbers that go way beyond just cleaning your plates. Brillo recommends different sorts of pads for different uses. Check out which ones are recommended and for what jobs.

1. Cleaning your dishes:


Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads Singles | Original Scent (Red) | 4 Pack (15ct)

Buy these Brillo steel wood pads, and you may never go back to needing another scrub sponge. The combination of steel wool infused with a proprietary soap blend works on tough kitchen grease, whether it's stuck to a plate, pot, or glass oven door.

If you're trying to get the cleanest dishwashing possible, these non-scratch, heavy-duty steel wool soap pads are the place to start. They are perfect for the corner of your bakeware and beat ordinary dish soap any day.

Disclaimer: if you use the steel wool soap pads on your cast iron, you'll strip your seasoning! Stick to steel pots, glass pans, etc.

2. Cleaning your cast iron:

Brillo Supreme Strip & Shine Soap Free Steel Wool Balls 6 balls (Pack of 3)

The ideal ritual for cleaning the cast iron is different for every home cook. After some trial and (mostly) error, I learned that my cleaning and re-seasoning routine is better off without soap. Duh.

This is where the Brillo Strip & Shine... shine. The anti-rust formula is soap-free, which is perfect for keeping your cast iron's seasoning exactly where you want it. Which is definitely on the pan. It also works great on the grill, which is especially prime this time of year.

These are great for your heavy pan but terrible for glass, copper, and bronze. Don't use them on the soft stuff, or you're in for some scratches!

3. Cleaning your countertops:


Brillo Basics Heavy Duty Scouring Pads, 3 count, 2 Pack

These are the perfect cleaning pads for hitting your counters and stovetops. They are soapless, but that's not a problem because even scrubbing sponges drenched with detergent can't clean the faucets like these. So long hard water stains.

The pads aren't as abrasive as steel, but they really get into the mess of tough jobs. And, you can choose the cleaning agent. Spray on your favorite sanitizer to dissolve grill grease with no problem.

A lot of Brillos have anti-scratch textures, but this one isn't recommended for use on glass or brass/copper cookery.

4. Cleaning your bathroom:

Brillo | Scrub Max - Bathroom | Strong, Long-Lasting Sponge | 3 Pack (2ct)

The double-sided Brillo pad is the way of the future. One side is a wiry scraper pad, and one side is a soft sponge. Both sides change texture based on temperature: they soften with heat or grow firm with cold water.

Also, these Brillo pads are really well-shaped when it comes to getting into bathroom grout. A pointed edge allows you to reach the corners of your shower door or the base of your bathtub. They're non-scratching and can be used on your mirror as well. Toilets are no trouble!

5. Cleaning your walls:


Brillo | Erase & Wipe Sponge with Estracell | 2-in-1 Cleaning Without Chemicals | 6 Pack (2ct)

Parents, y'all know the value of a good magic sponge. You need something that works to wipe out wax, grease, crayons (and Lord knows what else) without bleach. This Brillo is the one!

Good luck finding a lower price for such a quality cleaning utensil. In addition to walls, you can use these types of eraser sponges on copper and brass cookware. They're scratch-free!

Head over to Amazon and score a Brillo pad today. No matter your needs, there is one for you.

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