BrewDog Gives Back to Communities with Launch of Unicorn Fund

BrewDog is known for their crazy beer-centric shenanigans and quality brews, but the charismatic founder duo strives to be more. In an effort to give back to the people, BrewDog has launched their newest fund, the BrewDog Unicorn Fund. Sounding like some punk fancy lingo for reaching a fantasized monetary goal, this is no crowdfunding campaign attempt, but rather BrewDog taking the initiative to give back in a big way.

The new Unicorn fund is giving away 20 percent of all BrewDog profits. Of those profits, 10 percent will go to employees and another 10 percent will be a charitable donation. Rather than dictating donations, the voice of the punks shall be heard as that 10 percent charitable donation will be chosen by BrewDog's 1,000 employees and more than 50,000 of those in the equity for punks community.

Twenty percent may not sound like a whole lot right off the bat, but if they hit their target, that same twenty percent over the next five years is equal to 45 million euros. Considering they plan on continuing this venture, well, forever, they will be giving back a considerable chunk of change.

Along with the 20 percent set forth in the Unicorn fund, for the next seven years, they will also reinvest the balance of all profits back into the BrewDog business.

"At BrewDog, we care about two things above all else: our beer and our people. We want to make the best beers on the planet, we want to be the best company to work for, and we want to build a radically new type of business that we can all be proud of. Giving away 20 percent of our profits - forever - is not about altruism. It is about impact. It's not about profits. It is about purpose. This is the biggest community-fueled, crowdfunded charity contribution in history."
- BrewDog co-founder James Watt

Rise and shine, it's craft beer time.

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Proving "there's more to life than beer, but not much else" this is another big step in the BrewDog history. They already made the End of History with their high gravity taxidermy squirrel bottled beer, and earlier this summer became Ohioians when they launched their new USA brewery in Ohio - with plans for the hotel and sour facility to open in the future. They also have announced their efforts to build The Bar on Edge, which will be located smack dab on the USA and Mexico border.

Call it marketing, call it business, call it a charity for punks, but there is no doubt that the Unicorn Fund is another notch on the belt of what makes BrewDog, well, BrewDog. Let's just hope that if a Unicorn Fund beer is brewed, it won't take on the unicorn trend in beer form.

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